Detail Schedule

Friday, March 28

3-3:45 Welcome and Coffee – Sturm Hall Lobby (2nd Floor)

4-5:30 Faculty and Graduate Student Professional Development Workshops

Faculty Workshop: “Online and Hybrid Courses: Teaching Techniques and National Trends”

Sturm 258 (Philosophy Seminar Room)

Graduate Student Workshop:

“Audience, Function and Performance: The Conference Paper Genre”

Sturm 275

6-7:30 Opening reception and happy hour – Sturm Hall Lobby (2nd Floor)

Saturday, March 29

8:30-9 Registration – Sturm Hall 286

9-10:30 Concurrent Session I (2 panels)

Pop Culture I: Theology and Atheism in Comedy, Film, and Television

Chair: Andrea L Stanton (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 253

Becky Chabot (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff), “’Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy’: The Theological Anthropology of Louis CK”

David Scott (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff), “Broken Minds Breaking Bodies: A Theological Interpretation of Cognitive Disability in Horror Cinema”

Biblical Studies I

Chair: Mark George (Iliff School of Theology)

Sturm Hall 254

Deirdre Brouer (Denver Seminary), “The Narrator’s Voice of Outrage in Judges 19”

Mark Giszczak (Augustine Institute), “The Work of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Work”

David Pettit (University of Denver-Iliff), “Analyzing Psalm 42 as an Independent Lyric”

11-12:30 Concurrent Session II (3 panels)

Buddhism & Hinduism

Chair: Nicole Willock (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 253

Tyler Lehrer (University of Colorado, Boulder), “’What Do You Do When God Makes a Pass at You: Analyzing Engaged Buddhist Response to Sexual Impropriety and Abuse in  American Zen”

Cristina Sajovich (University of Colorado, Boulder), “The Embodied Soteriology of Lalla Yogini: Rediscovering the Manuscript Legacy of a Female Saint”

Sara Swenson (Syracuse University), “No Superior, No Inferior, No Equal: Gendering Ritual Spaces in American Buddhism”

Biblical Studies II

Chair: Reverend Gary Brower, PhD (University Chaplain, University of Denver

Sturm Hall 254

Johann Kim (Colorado Christian University), “Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, Wood, Hay,  and Straw (1 Cor 3:12): The Nature and Identity of Ergon in 1 Corinthians”

Albert McClure (University of Denver-Iliff), “Head-Hunting in First Samuel: Dagan, the Philistine Saul”

Micah Saxton (University of Denver-Iliff), “Firstfruits and Firstlings: Origen of Alexandria’s Language Around Scripture”

Mormon Studies

Chair: Carl Raschke (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 275

Richard Ouellette (independent scholar), “The Temple Lot Case and the Distortion of Mormon Memory and Mormon History”

Saskia Tielens (University of Utah / TU University Dortmund), “”The Friendliest Place on Earth’: Self-Representations of Mormonism in the Imagined Environment of Temple Square”

12:30-2 AAR lunch + talk

Title: “From the Academy to the Beltway: A Scholar’s Unanticipated Journey”

Speaker: Sheila Greeve Davaney, Emerita Professor of Theology, Iliff School of Theology and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Center for American Progress, working with the Faith and Public Policy Team

Sturm Hall 151 (pick up lunch in Sturm 286)

2-3:30 Concurrent Session III (2 + undergraduate panel)

Religious Histories

Chair: Andrea L Stanton (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 253

Patrick Bowen (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff), “New Evidence for the Birth of Modern Western Esotericism”

Joshua Schachterle (Iliff School of Theology), “The Asceticism of the Desert Fathers and Mothers as Gender Elimination”

Dillon Webster (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Constructing the Enemy: The Reciprocal Agency of Classification and Exclusion in the Languedoc


Undergraduate Scholars

Chair: Elizabeth Coody (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff)

Sturm Hal 275

Jared Pfost (Brigham Young University), “A Literary Analysis of the Flood Story as a Semitic Type-Scene”

Amanda Ryan (University of Nebraska – Omaha), “Midwestern Politeness Meets Religious Diversity: How does Omaha Shape Up?”

Gabriel Rusk (University of Denver), “Cuius Regio, Eius Religio: Constituting Religion in 20th Century Jurisprudence Among the Kozy Kitten Peoples”

Special Session

Sturm Hall 254

John O’Keefe (Creighton University), “Filmmaking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Case Study in Theological Journalism”

3:45-5:30 Concurrent Session IV 

Contemporary Issues

Chair: Luis Leon (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 253

Sandra L. Dixon (University of Denver), “Religion in Moral Commitments: Beyond Divine Commands and Other-Worldly Goals”

Thad Horrell (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff), “Discursive Tacking and Racial Projects in Heathenry: Combining the Worst of Both Worlds”

Kit Lim (Iliff School of Theology), “Native Christian Elites and the Pillars of Elitism”

Jeffrey Mahan (Iliff School of Theology), “The Church in the Age of New Media”

Islamic Studies

Chair: Amir Hussain (Theology Department, Loyola Marymount University)

Sturm Hall 254

Kimberly Fox (Iliff School of Theology), “Burka Avenger: On Agency and Equality in Pakistani Culture”

Hossein Hashemi-Niasari (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Theological Flows Against the Grain: A Study of Bottom-Up Theological Flow in Diverse Shi`i-Sunni Minority-Majority Interactions”

Philosophy of Religion

Chair: Marco Nathan (Philosophy, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 275

John Bechtold (Joint Doctoral Program, University of Denver-Iliff), “Unredeemed Atonement: Hegel, Zizek, and the Dialectics of Christian Theology”

Timothy Isaacson (University of Denver), “Miracles and Militancy: The Evental Origins of Religious Revolution”

Ryan Murphy (Colorado Christian University), “The Myth of Secularity: Reexamining Religion and Public Reason in Locke, Kant, and Rawls”

Aaron Smith (Colorado Christian University), “The Perfection of Glory in Humility: What Karl Barth Would Have Had to Say About Redemption”

6-7:30 Keynote talk

Title: “Trends and Issues in the Study of Religion: A Conversation with the Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Speaker: Amir Hussain, Professor, Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University

Sturm Hall 151

Sunday, March 30

7:30-8:50 Business Breakfast Meeting – Sturm Hall 287

9-10:30 Concurrent Session V (2 panels)

Pop Culture II: Religion and Secularism in Comics and Sports

Chair: Sheila Schroeder (Media, Film, and Journalism Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 253

Joshua Bartholomew (University of Denver-Iliff), “Secularism and the Rise of Popular Culture as Religion: A Look into the Cult of Sports”

Dan Clanton (Doane College), “’Because You Exist’: Biblical Literature and Violence in the X-Men Comic Books”

Carole Lee Curry (University of Wyoming), “Role Models, Alternative Role Models, and Anti-Models: Female Comic Book Characters, the Eastern Religious Framework of Goddess of the Breast and Goddess of the Tooth, and Western Feminism”


Biblical Studies III

Chair: Gregory Robbins (Religious Studies, University of Denver)

Sturm Hall 254

Mary Hanson (Denver Seminary), “Diakonia in Luke 10:38-42: What was Martha Doing?”

Frank Judd (Brigham Young University), “Anti-Judaic Tendencies Among Early Christian Scribes: A Text-Critical Study of Luke 23:17”

Danny Yencich (University of Denver-Iliff), “The Gospel of Mark and the ‘Performance Text’ of P45”

11-12:30 Concurrent Session VI (2 panels)

ASOR Panel

Chair: Nicolae Roddy (Department of Theology, Creighton University)

Sturm Hall 253

Kyle Greenwood (Colorado Christian University), “Proverbs of Ash, Defenses of Clay: The Rhetorical Effect of Proverbs in Job”

Rick Hess (Denver Seminary), “Religion and Names in Ancient Israel”

Ryan Thomas (independent scholar), “Yahweh and El in Hebrew Personal Names: Identity or Difference?”

Kayla White (Denver Seminary), “’Give me Children or I shall Die!’ Magic, Medicine, and Infertility”

Biblical Studies IV

Chair: Amy Erickson (Director of the Master of Theological Studies Program, Iliff School of Theology)

Sturm Hall 254

Jeremy Garber (University of Denver-Iliff), “The Holy Spirit and Becoming in the Book of Ezekiel: Minoritarian Pneumatology in the Hebrew Bible”

Galen Goldsmith (independent scholar), “Exodus 4:13: Protest or Prayer?”

Lindy Williams (Fuller Seminary), “Becoming Like the Eden Garden: Human Geography and Genesis 1-3 as Reflected in Ezekiel 36:35”

12:30-2:00 SBL lunch + talk

Title: “Early Christian Hypertexts and Hyperrealities: The Cases of Eusebius and Egeria”

Speaker: Jeremy Schott, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University

Sturm Hall 151 (pick up lunch in Sturm 286)


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